Betstop to launch in Australia in August: Risks and Benefits

July 19, 2023
Betstop in Australia

In August, Australia is set to launch its own self-exclusion program for online gambling called BetStop. Drawing inspiration from the successful implementation of GamStop in the United Kingdom, Betstop aims to offer a similar solution to help individuals in Australia control their gambling habits and provide a safer gambling environment. While the initiative is lauded for its noble intentions, there are both risks and benefits associated with its introduction.

Rise of Casinos Not on BetStop:

One of the main concerns surrounding Betstop’s implementation is the potential rise of online casinos not on the self-exclusion platform. The UK’s experience with GamStop has shown that some operators may choose not to participate in the program, providing an avenue for individuals to continue gambling irresponsibly. This could result in a significant portion of Australian online casinos opting out of the network, leaving a gap in the self-exclusion system.

Australian Casinos Embracing the new system:

On the other hand, the launch of the new system presents a unique opportunity for Australian casinos to showcase their commitment to responsible gambling. Casinos that willingly join the self-exclusion program can demonstrate their dedication to safeguarding their customers from gambling-related harm. By participating in Betstop, these casinos can gain trust and respect from players, leading to a potentially positive impact on their reputation and customer loyalty.

Online Casinos in Australia Not on BetStop:

Despite the launch of Betstop, some online casinos in Australia are expected to opt out of the self-exclusion program. Various factors, such as concerns over reduced revenues or potential operational complexities associated with implementing the self-exclusion measures, may drive this decision for some online casinos in Australia to opt out of the program. As a result, players who have excluded themselves through Betstop may still have access to gambling on these platforms.

Non-BetStop Casinos and Consumer Protection:

The presence of online casinos in Australia not on Betstop raises concerns about consumer protection. While the self-exclusion program aims to prevent individuals from accessing gambling services, those casinos not participating in Betstop may not have the same responsible gambling tools and safeguards in place. Additionally,this could potentially expose vulnerable individuals to excessive gambling and financial risks, making it vital for the government and regulators to closely monitor the industry and take appropriate actions against non-compliant operators.

Benefiting Problem Gamblers:

The primary advantage of Betstop lies in its potential to help problem gamblers break the cycle of addiction and regain control over their gambling behavior. By voluntarily enrolling in the self-exclusion program, individuals can restrict their access to online casinos, reducing the temptation to engage in harmful gambling activities. Moreover, Betstop can act as a supportive tool for those seeking professional help or counseling for their gambling addiction, creating a more holistic approach to combating problem gambling in Australia.


The impending launch of Betstop in Australia signifies a significant step towards promoting responsible gambling and safeguarding vulnerable individuals. However, it is essential to address the potential rise of online casinos not on Betstop to ensure a comprehensive self-exclusion program that covers the majority of gambling platforms. Striking a balance between consumer protection and industry cooperation will be crucial in making Betstop an effective tool in curbing problem gambling and fostering a safer gambling environment in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is BetStop?

    BetStop is an upcoming self-exclusion program in Australia, designed to help individuals control their gambling habits and provide a safer gambling environment. It draws inspiration from the successful GamStop initiative in the United Kingdom.

  • How does BetStop work?

    BetStop allows individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from accessing online gambling services in Australia. Once enrolled, participants will be restricted from using registered online casinos that are part of the BetStop program.

  • When is BetStop launching?

    BetStop is scheduled to launch in August, providing a comprehensive solution to curb problem gambling and promote responsible gambling practices across the country.

  • Are all Australian online casinos required to join BetStop?

    No, participation in BetStop is voluntary for online casinos in Australia. While some operators may willingly join the program, others might choose not to be part of it, potentially creating casinos not on BetStop.

  • What are the risks associated with non-BetStop casinos?

    The existence of online casinos not on BetStop could pose risks to individuals who have self-excluded through the program. These casinos may lack responsible gambling tools, potentially exposing vulnerable players to excessive gambling and financial risks.

  • Can players reverse their BetStop self-exclusion?

    BetStop is designed to prioritize player safety; thus, reversing the self-exclusion before the predetermined period is not encouraged. However, individuals can resume gambling access after the exclusion period has ended.

  • How long does the BetStop self-exclusion last?

    The self-exclusion period on BetStop typically lasts for a predetermined time, usually chosen by the participant during enrollment. Common exclusion periods are six months, one year, or five years.

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