My Picks for Qatar World Cup : Group Stage Predictions

November 2, 2022
World Cup Qatar 2022

The 2022 World Cup is just few days away,which means we have good idea about team line-ups and rosters. In this article, You can see my predictions and picks for each group in The 2022 World Cup. Let’s dive in starting with group A.

Group A Predictions – 2022 World Cup

1.Netherlands Flag Netherlands2107
2.Senegal World Cup Flag Senegal1205
3.Ecuador World Cup Flag Ecuador1114
4.Qatar World Cup Flag Qatar0030

Netherlands is heavy favorites to win Group A, with young but extremely talented core and very exciting style of play. Dutch national team has eyes on a prize on this tournament and with relevantly easy competition, they should be able to safely secure first place in Group A.

Hunt for a second qualifying place should be close between Senegal and Ecuador. I expect Senegal to come out on top in this fight, with host nation Qatar being happy with participation trophy and 0 points on this biggest event in football.

Group B Predictions

1.England World Cup Flag England2107
2.USA World Cup Flag USA1205
3.Wales World Cup Flag Wales1114
4.Iran World Cup Flag Iran0030

Group B has similar picture as Group A, with England being huge favorites over Wales and USA, and Iran looking like heavy outsiders. Lions should be able to easily get through to the next stage with first place, while USA and Wales fight for the second spot. With ever-growing national interest of Soccer in US, qualifying for knockout stage should be a big boost for the sport in North America.

Group C Predictions – 2022 World Cup

1.Argentina World Cup Flag Argentina3009
2.Poland World Cup Flag Poland1114
3.Mexico World Cup Flag Mexico1114
4.Saudi Arabia World Cup Flag Saudi Arabia0030

On his last World Cup, lot is expected from Lionel Messi this year, considering his current form and strongest roster for Argentina since their world cup winning year in 1986, I expect them to secure 1st place in Group C without dropping a point. Robert Lewandowski and his Polish national team, are expected to make into the knockout stage as well, while Mexico and Saudi Arabia miss out.

Group D Predictions

1.France World Cup Flag France2107
2.Denmark World Cup Flag Denmark1205
3.Australia World Cup Flag Australia0212
4.Tunisia World Cup Flag Tunisia0121

Defending World Champions will have somewhat of a favorable group, with their main completion Denmark, should be happy with second place finish in Group D. Although chances of France repeating their glory in 2018 seems unlikely, they should be able to lock up Group D without too much trouble.

Group E Predictions – 2022 World Cup

1.Germany World Cup Flag Germany3009
2.Spain World Cup Flag Spain2016
3.Japan World Cup Flag Japan0121
4.Costa Rica World Cup Flag Costa Rica0121

2 of the football giants, Germany and Spain, are locked together in fight for the first place in Group E. I expect German side to be hungrier on this tournament, following their embarrassing and disappointing showing in last forum. Although in football anything can happen, Japan and Costa Rica seem to be doomed for group stage finish for their campaigns.

Group F Predictions

1.Belgium World Cup Flag Belgium2107
2.Croatia World Cup Flag Croatia1205
3.Morocco World Cup Flag Morocco0212
4.Canada World Cup Flag Canada0121

Group F seems to be most unpredictable and competitive group of the bunch. Many experts seem to have given up on Belgium nation team, but not me. If their past performances in both World Cup and European championships is any indication, they should be able to win this group over Croatia. Defending Finalists Croatia will be looking to repeat their magic run in 2018. I expect them to secure second place over Morocco and Canada

Group G Predictions

1.Brazil World Cup Flag Brazil3009
2.Swiss World Cup Flag Switzerland1115
3.Cameroon World Cup Flag Cameroon0212
4.Serbia World Cup Flag Serbia0121

It’s been 20 years since Brazilians last lifted up World Championship trophy. Past 4 tournaments has been disappointing for everlasting favorites, but this years team has different feel, they seem to be ready for a deep run. As always is Championship or Bust for Brazil, and I expect them to not have any problems sweeping Group G with 3 victories. For second qualifying spot, I got Switzerland edging out Cameroon and Serbia.

Group H Predictions

1.Portugal World Cup Flag Portugal1205
2.Uruguay World Cup Flag Uruguay1205
3.South Korea World Cup Flag South Korea0212
4.Ghana World Cup Flag Ghana0212

Like his long time rival, this years tournament will be Cristiano Ronaldos’ last dance on the biggest stage of football. But with some key players injured for Portugal, and strong competition in Group H, I expect tough battles between all 4. My prediction is Portugal and Uruguay to narrowly qualify for knockout stages.

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