My Picks : NFL Week 10

November 10, 2022

Tonight kicks of week 10 of National Football League. After pure chaos last week, Teams which are hunting for playoff contention will look forward to make a final push at the final stage of this years regular season. Here are my picks for NFL Week 10.

Thursday Night Football – NFL Week 10

Atlanta Falcons atlanta_falcons – Carolina Panthers carolina_panthers

Carolina panthers are in full tanking mode, trading their star RB Christian McCaffrey and losing 4 out of their last 5 matches. On the other hand, Atlanta Falcons are still in contention for NFC South. I expect Falcons to have comfortable win tonight.

My Pick – Atlanta Falcons atlanta_falcons

Sunday Match-ups – NFL Week 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Seattle Seahawks

Earliest game on Sunday is held Germany, between Bucs and Seahawks. Tom Brady an company are looking to build on their dramatic win over Rams last week and improve to 5-5, which is still somehow good enough to lead NFC South. Surprisingly, Seahawks are enjoying 4 game win streak and are comfortably leading NFC West over 49ers. Although records speak otherwise, I still have to bet on Buccaneers in tightly contested game.

My Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers tampa_bay_buccaneers

Buffalo Bills – Minnesota Vikings

I’m little surprised this match between 2 Super bowl contenders is not Primetime, but not a lot of people expected Vikings to be this strong. Bills are coming of a surprising loss against Jets last week, and expect them to come out of the gate with even more hunger. Home field advantage and their star power, lead by amazing Josh Allen, persuades me to pick Bills over Vikings on week 10.

My Pick – Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears – Detroit Lions

ITS TANK BOWL TIME ! Both of these teams are hopeless in terms of playoff contention, and if you are not either Bears or Lions fan, you would probably not watch this game. Both teams are equally week in my opinion, but I have to give slight edge to Lions after their win last week.

My Pick – Detroit Lions detroit_lions

Kansas City Chiefs – Jacksonville Jaguars

Well this is as one sided as is it gets. Fighting for a top spot in AFC, Expect Chiefs to defeat Jaguars in Mahomes Magic fashion.

My Pick – Kansas City Chiefs kansas_city_chiefs

Miami Dolphins – Cleveland Browns

Even though Browns have shown some flashes of strength, Dolphins, Led by Tua are fighting for Playoff spot, so I expect them to take care of business at home on Sunday.

My Pick – Miami Dolphins miami_dolphins

New York Giants – Houston Texans

Texans are weakest team in NFL this season, while Giants have been surprisingly good and contending for NFC East title alongside Eagles and Cowboys. Gotta go with New York on this one.

My Pick – New York Giants new_york_giants

Pittsburgh Steelers – New Orleans Saints

Steelers have given up on their playoff hopes this year, and fully embraced Tanking, while Saints are pretending to be pretending for NFC South title. This week might be the end for Saints hopes, As I pick Steelers to upset Saints with narrow victory.

My Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers pittsburgh_steelers

Tennessee Titans – Denver Broncos

Another fun game to watch on Sunday afternoon. Broncos are not meeting their early season expectations, while Titans offense is too heavily depended on Derrick Henry’s wrecking ability. Both teams still have hope for playoff spot, But I think its must win game for both. I have to go with Titans on this one, but should be a close one.

My Pick – Tennessee Titans tennessee_titans

Las Vegas Raiders – Indianapolis Colts

Another TANK BOWL ! Both teams have struggled this year, and their playoff hopes are slim to none at this point. Expect Raiders to take care of business against very unpredictable colts.

My Pick – Las Vegas Raiders las_vegas_raiders

Green Bay Packers – Dallas Cowboys

To be honest I don’t know what to pick on this one. Both teams are under-performing their expectations, especially Packers, whom seem to cant find any traction offensively. On the other hand, Cowboys have had their fair share of ups and downs this year. I’ll have to pick Cowboys, based on Packers’s recent struggle, but it could go either way.

My Pick – Dallas Cowboys dallas_cowboys

Los Angeles Rams – Arizona Cardinals

Defending Super Bowl Champions have been nothing short of a trash this season. Their opponent, Arizona Cardinals, have not exactly been good either. Rams have to win games at some point, and this week seems like a good time to start.

My Pick – Los Angeles Rams los_angeles_rams

San Francisco 49ers – Los Angeles Chargers

Best game of Week 10 is Sunday night match-up between 2 Super Bowl contenders. 49ers started season in unimpressive fashion,but since acquiring Christian McCaffrey, They seem to be the team we all expected. Although Chargers and Justin Herbert are very good looking team, I picked 49ers to win NFC this year, so gotta go with San Francisco on this one.

My Pick – San Francisco 49ers san_francisco_49ers

Monday Night Football – NFL Week 10

Philadelphia Eagles – Washington Commanders

Eagles are 8-0 and it doesn’t seem wise to bet against them now. Especially at home against mid Washington team at best. Overall it should be fun game and worth watching especially with Manning bros really high quality insights.

My Pick – Philadelphia Eagles philadelphia_eagles

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